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Leopards and Hyena Battle It Out
Jul 17 2012 Written by: Brad Horn
I have just returned from a safari to Zambia with a wonderful family from the US. This is their fifth trip with Epic and fourth safari with us to Africa. We centred this trip on Zambia's two iconic national parks; the Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa National Parks. This made for wonderful variety and with great diversity of habitats, game and experiences. . One of the focuses of this trip was walking and we enjoyed some monumental days. Paralleling the Luangwa River over a couple of days was very memorable. Lots and lots of hippos. On one occasion we came ... [Read More]
From The Field
A Multi-Generational Family Safari
I have just come back from a safari in Northern Tanzania and Kenya with an American family that spanned three generations. With ages ranging from 10 to 80 years old, this safari provided an all important opportunity for our clients to spend precious time as a family, far away from the influence of technology. These multi-generational family safaris are a pleasure to guide and great fun for the families involved. Usually arranged by the patriarch or matriarch, this kind of vacation can bring families together who live many miles apart. Why not meet up in Africa? The challenge is to design ...
Selous in February
Spending 3 days in the Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania is always a pleasure but no more so than in February after the short "mango ripening" rains have stopped and before the towering Cumulo Nimbus clouds that signify the coming of the torrential thunderstorms of the long rains. The rivers and lakes have ample water and the short green grass and foliage of the predominantly miombo/ acacia/ terminalia wood land supports an abundance of birdlife and mammals. It was a particular pleasure to stay at arguably one of East Africa's best lodges, Beho Beho, with some clients from Muscat ...
Best Safari in 25 Years
My recent clients are fanatical wildlife photographers!! This would be there 3rd safari with me - I had planned to concentrate the safari around the southern Serengeti to maximize the opportunity of seeing the great wildebeest migration and the plethora of predators who are always close by! Due to the late rains we only managed to see the migration for the first 2 days of a 14 day safari. This proved to be no problem! As my dreams of a young boy of ten when I first saw a photo of wild dogs hunting on the Ndutu serengeti plains were to ...
Botswana Odyssey - 2 tents available - 16-24 Sept 2012
Just a quick note to update you on Brad's Botswana Odyssey safari in September. We have just two tents left, so four more people can still join us. Brad will be guiding this safari and would love to have you along. For a better idea as to what to expect, please take a look at our Botswana Odyssey video taken at a similar time last year. More information:The Okavango Delta is a place without peer. Aptly described as a "sea of land, land of water" it is without a doubt one of the last great wilderness areas in Africa. It is breathtakingly ...
Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa - Activities
Marg and I also recently had the opportunity to explore Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa, and would like to share our thoughts. The resort is a 3 hour drive from Sydney through stunning sandstone escarpment and large eucalypt country. The ultimate access is by helicopter via the Blue Mountains National Park with scenic views of The Three Sisters enroute. The resort is situated on 4,000 acres and is a haven for those seeking an authentic, rural Aussie experience without compromising on any luxuries. The abundance of wallabies, kangaroos, wombats and birdlife is outstanding. Whether in a vehicle, on bicycle, horseback or on ...
Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa - Wildlife
To be honest I wasn’t expecting a 10 am wildlife drive through the Wolgan Valley to be too productive. There are an abundance of kangaroos and wallabies in the valley (including four albino wallaroos), but the sightings are always best in the early morning and late afternoon. I was just hoping to get an idea of the lay of the land for future excursions, and certainly not expecting to do any serious wildlife photography.However this all changed when we reached Naglow Knoll – a small well vegetated hillock with a fantastic view of the incredible Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, ...