Botswana Walking Safari

Dec 05 2017 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

In July this year I had the pleasure of guiding a small group of intrepid clients on an epic canoeing and walking safari through the wilds of Botswana’s Okavango Delta.


The area we traversed is the Okavango’s largest private concession area covering upward of 1800 square kilometres. It is absolute wilderness and we had it to ourselves.


We didn’t see another soul for a week and had lots of incredible encounters. There are very very few places in Africa that afford this level of intimacy and exclusivity.


The southern Okavango is a myriad of islands, channel and floodplains that are teeming with game. The core of the safari was 5 nights canoeing and walking, staying in our own small rustic camp that leap frogged ahead each day attended by 5 dedicated staff.
Sleeping in a bedroll in a small tent with a thin film of canvas between you and the African bush affords an intimate experience; the darkest skies with amazing stars and the incredible orchestra of night noises.
For the adventure oriented safari goer this safari has few peers. Hope you enjoy the footage.