EBC Trek 2019

Apr 30 2019 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

An epic journey to Everest Base Camp

Day 1  – EBC Trek 2019 begins in Kathmandu

Our 2019 Everest Base Camp trek has begun! The team had a good first morning in Kathmandu. We toured 3 of the 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites here.

Kathmandu temple EBC Trek 2019

Ella in Kathmandu - EBC Trek 2019

Monkey temple Kathmandu EBC Trek 2019

Ella with holy men Kathmandu EC Trek 2019

Day 2 – Kathmandu to Lukla

Had a great flight into Lukla. We are now at our first stop at Phakding, 2.5 hours down the track. Everyone is in good spirits and doing well.

Flight in to Lukla. EBC Trek 2019

Shades of Nepal EBC Trek 2019

Ella - trek to Phakding - EBC Trek 2019


Day 3 – Trek to Namche

A good day. We spent about 6 hours on the trail heading forever up. – ascending 800 vertical metres per the day. The cherry blossoms and the rhodendrons are in full bloom making this a beautiful setting. The highlight of the day was crossing the big suspension bridge (the one featured in the Everest movie). We are now in Namche, my favourite place in Nepal.

Tomorrow we head up into the plateau for an acclimatisation trek.

Cherryblossoms in Namche EBC Trek 2019

Trek to Namche EBC 2019


Bridge to Namche EBC Trek 2019

Arrival in Namche - EBC trek 2019

Coffee break Namche EBC trek 2019

Day 4 – Acclimitisation trek & visit to Khumjung

Another good day. It rained in the morning which postponed our acclimatisation amble up to Khumjung. Spent the morning drinking coffee at “Sherpa Barista” and doing some shopping. If you have to kick back anywhere in bad weather Namche is the place.

At around 2pm we got underway and headed up. We reached just over 3700 metres. The rain stayed away and it started to clear making it quite a pleasant afternoon.

Meeting Juniper Fund families

Ella and I then went in to meet some recipient families of The Juniper Fund sponsorship. Ella has been raising funds to support the Juniper Fund. We met two ladies.

The first was Da Doma, who lost her husband in the 2015 earthquake and subsequent avalanche at Base camp. She has two children who are now sponsored at boarding school in Kathmandu by her husbands former employer Adventure Consultants (who I climbed Everest with last year). Da Doma lives by herself and mostly farms to support her existence. Da Doma receives a “Cost of Living” grant annually from the Junioer Fund.

The second lady, Changi Sherpa lost her son in the Khumbu Icefall avalanche of 2014 leaving an orphaned daughter, Pasang, 7 months old at the time. Changi has been raising her grandaughter since her sons death. Pasang receives a Cost of Living” grant which is deposited in a trust until she is 18.

It was a very touching experience. Both ladies knew of our visit and broke into tears on meeting us. It was a wonderful opportunity to see where the money many of you have kindly donated is going to. It was also a very important life lesson to see how a little charitable effort can go a long way to changing the lives of those in need.

Here are some pictures of the ladies and Ella.

Ella Horn with ladies of Khumjung - ENC Trek 2019

Meeting Da Doma and Chanji Sherpa Khumjung EBCTrek 2019

Ella with Da Doma and Chanji Sherpa.

Children of Nepal - Khumjung EBC trek 2019

Trek to Khumjung - EBC Trek 2019

Day 5 Trek to Deboche

This was a very picturesque day. The weather was a little overcast but the rain kept away. We are now at Deboche for an overnight before heading onto Dingboche tomorrow.

Yaks on the roads to Deboche - EBC Trek 2019

Brad and Ella trek to Deboche EBC Trek 2019

Trek to Dingboche EBC Trek 2019

Cheese for sale -trek to Dingboche EBC Trek 2019

Trekking to Deboche EBC Trek 2019

Day 6  – Trek to Dingboche (4400 metres) via Pangboche

Woke this morning to beautiful blue skies, a dusting of snow and wonderful views of the peaks of Everest, Lhotse and AMA Dablam. We had a wonderful trek today up picturesque valleys via Pangboche to Dingboche (4400 metres). Everyone is doing well and in good spirits.

Trek to Dingboche Epic EBC trek 2019

snow on track Dingboche Epic EBC trek 2019

Mountain Road to Dingboche EBC trek 2019

Dingboche 4400 m Epic EBC Trek 2019



Day 7 – Rest day at Dingboche

We having a rest day at Dingboche (4410 metres). In actual fact it is not really a rest day. We always use these days to spend the morning climbing higher to aid with acclimatisation. This morning we climbed up a ridge line above Dingboche to a height of 5100 metres. The weather has closed in a little. Everyone is doing well. we are now back out our tea house enjoying latte’s all round. Until tomorrow…

Mount Everest Epic Base Camp Trek 2019


Acclimatisation climb Dingboche EBC trek 2019

Dingboche rest day EBC Trek 2019

Ella and Brad in Dingboche -EBCTrek2019

Day 8  – Trek to Lobuche (4910 metres)

Woke to beautiful clear skies this morning which made for an incredibly scenic trek into Lobuche (4910 metres). A highlight of today was coming through the Dugla Pass. At the head of the pass is what’s known as the “graveyard”. This houses a number of memorials to climbers who have perished on Everest. Everyone is doing well. Here are a few pics from today.

Trek to Lobuche 4910 metres Epic EBC trek 2019

Memorial to those lost Dugla Pass EBC trek 2019

Dugla Pass EBC Trek 2019

Mountain beauty -trek to Lobuche EBC Trek 2019

Day 9 – Gorak Shep

Arrived at Gorak Shep, last stop before Base Camp. Absolutely beautiful day! Tomorrow very early we will climb to our highest point at Kala Patthar (5550) for sunrise over Everest and then it is onto Base Camp.

Gorak Shep EBC Trek 2019

Brad and Ella Horn - Himalaya Mountains Gorak Shep EBC Trek 2019


Gorak Shep - EBC Trek 2019

Day 10 – Climb to Kala Patthar and on to Everest Base Camp. 

Just back from Kala Patthar (5550 metres). Everyone doing well. Spectacular morning. Clear and relatively warm. Amazing view of Everest.

Sunrise trek to Kala Patthar_EBCTrek2019

Kala Pather Epic EBC Trek 2019


Himalaya sunrise - EBC Trek 2019

The Epic EBC team arrive safely in Everest Base Camp. 

We concluded our journey into Base Camp and overnighted there. It is an other worldly place and remains one of my favourite places in the globe. The magnificence of the mountains is breathtaking.


Epic EBC Trek team arrive - EpicNepal

Brad and Ella arrive in Everest Base Camp

Arriving in Everest Base Camp

At Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp - EpicEBCNepal

Finally we helicoptered from Base Camp back to Kathmandu. This has to be one of the most picturesque heli rides one could ever have.

Heli ride from EBC to Kathmandu- EBC Trek 2019


mighty Mount Everest Everest base camp 2019



Back in Kathmandu, Ella Horn meets with families supported by The Juniper Fund.



Watch the 2019 Everest Base Camp Trek Highlights video here:


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