Epic Everest – Update 17 EBC Rest Days & Rotation 2 Prep

May 03 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

Everest Base Camp rest & preparation

We have spent the past 5 days resting at Base Camp after our first acclimatisation rotation to Camps 1 & 2.

EBC rest days and rotation 2 prep - snow storm over Everest


EBC rest days & rotation 2 prep. This has enabled many of us to get over some minor health issues; coughs, chest infections etc.  Seems one of the biggest challenges with this climbing caper is maintaining health.  Not easy when you combine the cold with altitude and the struggles the body has in dealing with both.  If nothing else it is a good weight loss programme!  I estimate that I have shed 3-4 kilos.  This is despite eating very well.  The Adventure Consultants kitchen, headed up by expat chef, James, produces some amazing food.  We had sushi the other day and duck a l’orange.  There is always lots of salads, fruit etc.


In the wee hours of tomorrow morning we embark on our second acclimatisation rotation.  The plan is to depart Base Camp at 2.00 am, proceed up through the icefall and direct to Camp 2 (6500 metres).  This will take upward of 8 hours.  We then have a rest day the next day before the following day heading up to “touch” Camp 3 (7400 metres) before returning to Camp 2. We then spend a third night there before returning to Base Camp.


At this point we will have completed our acclimatisation programme.  It’s then a waiting game for our summit bid.  The fixed ropes to the summit still need to be complete. Presently they are close to fixing to the South Col.  It is likely the summit lines will be fixed within the week (weather pending).  Then we are at the mercy of the weather gods and will wait for a weather window.


Still a long way to go and don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Will be in touch in a few days once the next rotation is complete.


Keep well. Cheers, Brad

EBC rest days and rotation 2 prep - view from our base camp to the icefall

EBC rest days and Rotation 2 prep - onward to Camp 3

EBC rest days & rotation 2 prep - up again into the icefall