Epic Everest – Update 19 Pre-summit waiting game

May 11 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

Pre-summit waiting game and rest days in Everest Base Camp

Frozen clothes out overnight – just another day in Base Camp.

Pre-summit waiting game…& rest days.

With our final acclimatisation rotation complete, it is now a waiting game for our summit attempt.

So we are enjoying beautiful sunny mornings, leisurely breakfasts and general rest in Base Camp.


Pre-summit waiting game and rest days - breakfast at Everest Base Camp

A relaxing breakfast at Base Camp


We also had an incredible thunderstorm overnight. The storm broke about 3am and was the most incredible show of thunder and lightning. The thunder was amazing rumbling up and down the valley. The storm dumped about 6 inches of snow which has made climbing conditions somewhat precarious. Movement through the icefall this morning has been suspended.


Pre-summit waiting game and rest days in Everest Base Camp

Brad’s tent after the thunderstorm


It is unlikely that there will be any developments before the middle of the month. We have therefore taken the opportunity to do a “dropback” for a few days. This involves going down to a lower altitude to rest and recover. This is a crucial part of the climbing process. It is imperative to recharge the body for the final push.

To that end, my climbing colleague Gary and I have taken the opportunity to helicopter down to Namche (3400 metres) for a few nights.



We helicoptered through to Namche just before 9am. As always a spectacular flight with snow right down the valley and a plume of colour with all the Rhodendrens in bloom. On landing it was immediately apparent how “thick” the air was. Having been at Base Camp and beyond for the past month,  it is a nice change.


Pre-summit waiting game and rest days - back in Namche

Back in to the thick air of Namche


So for the next few days it will be eating and resting. There is a great coffee shop here in Namche called Barista Coffee. That was our first stop when we hit town. Having a double espresso and watching the NBA was somewhat surreal.

Anyway looking forward to the days ahead.

Keep well and best regards,



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