Walking Kokoda

An Epic PNG Trek 

May 28 2019 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

Walking the Kokoda Track – an Epic PNG Trek, May 2019

Brad and Pedro recently returned from guiding a group of Sydney friends on a crossing of the fabled Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

Kokoda is a place steeped in history as the location of a lengthy military campaign against the invading Japanese in World War II.

It is a place where in excess of 600 Australians and 2000 New Guineans lost their lives. A very humbling place. As always, a tear or two is shed in remembrance of the courageous sacrifices our forebears made.

Isurava Memorial - Kokoda Track Epic PNG 2019

Isurava Memorial


Japanese ammunition - Kokoda Track Epic PNG

Japanese ammunition


Brigade Hill Kokoda Track Epic PNG 2019

Brigade Hill memorial

Great Walks of the world

Military history aside, Kokoda is in my opinion one of the great walks of the world. It extends 96 kilometres through virgin rainforest that is the spine of New Guinea, the Owen Stanley Range. It is not an easy undertaking and is an advanced trek.

Cloud forest Kokoda Track Epic PNG 2019

Cloud forest


Creek crossing - Epic Kokoda PNG 2019

Creek crossing


Primary rainforest Kokoda Track Epic PNG

Pedro in primary rainforest


The trail is interspersed with numerous villages. Many locals continue to live a traditional subsistence existence without many of the modern conveniences.

Traditional villages on the Kokoda Track Epic PNG 2019



We trekked from north to south, Kokoda to Owers Corner.

The track is ordinarily crossed in 7-9 days however, due to inclement weather which prevented our flight to Kokoda, we ended up crossing the track in a condensed 4.5 days.

This made for some big days but the group was exceptionally well prepared.


Leaving Nauro - Kokoda Epic PNG

Leaving Nauro


Swimming hole at Va-Ule Creek Epic Kokoda PNG 2019

Swimming hole at Va-Ule Creek


Va-Ule Campsite Kokoda Track Epic PNG

Va-Ule Campsite


Climb to Owers Corner - Kokoda Track, Epic PNG

Climb to Owers


It was in all respects an ‘epic’ trip. We are all richer for the experience and most of all, utterly humbled by history.”


Brad Horn (& Pedro O’Connor)

For more on this epic challenge watch the Kokoda Track 2019 video below

the amazing music is by our Epic trek team.

If you are interested in joining us on an epic journey walking Kokoda in September, you can find out more here